Photo taken by Laura V Photography

Faolan Northern Inuits

Breeding beautiful dogs with beautiful temperments


Northern Inuits are becoming very popular to use in TV and modelling due to their good nature and wolf like looks. This breed were used to play the puppies and young adult Direwolves in Game of thrones,  two Northern Inuit pups have also be been chosen to play the wolf dog Rollo in season 4.


Find out more on the Northern Inuit society website page here  




When you own a Northern Inuit, its impossible to not get addicted to taking photos of your dog, they are stunning dogs with great temperments.


In October 2017 Zelda got to play the big bad wolf in a photoshoot with a baby who had just turned 1 years old, and she was very gentle and relaxed which helped to keep the baby happy and relaxed.  We hope to keep doing more photoshoots in the future


30th Octobert, only 2 weeks after Arwen joined our pack she was asked to take part in our local vets rebranding photoshoot, she was very confident, relaxed and loved the camera.



NIS website link 22407805_708667462660005_2066884760_n 22330908_708667372660014_1536341000_n Photoshoot