Photo taken by Laura V Photography

Faolan Northern Inuits

Breeding beautiful dogs with beautiful temperments


We live in the countryside of Norfolk where there are plenty of woodlands, fields and parks around for our dogs, there is also a beach not too far away. We are owned by a small pack of Northern Inuits and a larger pack of Cavalier King charles spaniels, meaning our puppies grow up around different sizes of dogs and must learn to respect and love each other from a young age.


I first came across the Northern Inuit breed in 2015, I already owned a few cavalier king charles but has always wanted a wolf look a like dog, I knew that a Husky would be too energetic around my existing cavaliers and so went on the search for other options, at the time I was also obsessed with Game of thrones and started to research the breed that was used for filming the direwolves.. from there I found my local breeder and founder of the Northern Inuit Julie Kelham and agreed to go visit her dogs to get an idea on their temperment and also ask lots of questions about the breed. On our visit I was so impressed that I put a deposit on a female puppy which we then collected a few weeks later and named her Zelda.


A year later we then went back for a second female puppy, I had been considering a second puppy as I was so love with Zelda and the breed. So after being told Julie had just had a litter with a female show potential pup.. I instantly agreed to have her. Zelda and Leia are great family members and are loved everywhere they go.


As with my Cavalier breeding, I strive to breed healthy well

adjusted puppies. Our puppies are all raised in the home and

well socialised from a young age, I am picky about where my

puppies will end up and also offer to have any back should the

new owners circumstances change. I follow guidelines set by

the Northern Inuit society in regards to health testing and

breeding protocols.


Our dogs are currently tested for:

BVA eye testing

BVA Hip scoring

BVA Elbow scoring

DM dna tested

OSD3 DNA testing